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Day Nine - Return to Roma


We Love the Train
One Last Long Train Ride
Empty Streets of Roma
The Empty Streets of Roma
on August 15
Enjoying Watermelon by the Trevi Fountain
Fai Snacks on Watermelon
on a Trevi Fountain Rock

Excited to be back on a train, we arose early and were soon heading back down to Roma. When we arrived, it didn't take long to notice a big difference this time around. The streets very very empty and quiet. Most of the stores and shops were closed down. It was sort of eery and also nice at the same time.

We walked to Hotel Alpi, which was only a block or so from Montebello. Alpi was a very good choice of hotels. Excellent location, amusing staff, cool, clean rooms, and nice garden areas.

We thought this may be a good time to revisit some of the main attractions and we were right. We did find small crowds of people at the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountian, but nothing compared to our first leg.

While we enjoyed the sites of Roma with less people, we were becoming a little restless. We missed Venezia and the coast. Fai suggested we plan a small trip for our final day in Italia. We looked at the train map to see what was close by and I noticed Anzio was only about an hour away and right on the coast. I went to an Internet cafe to learn more and check the train schedules.

Good fortune was with us as trains traveled between Roma and Anzio each hour and it appeared to be an ideal place to spend a day.

We managed to find a place open that served pizza and called it a night.





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