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Day Eight - One Day, Three Countries

A very early rise was needed for this day's adventure. Dublin to London, to Paris, all in one afternoon. First the Airlink bus back to the Dublin airport. Then a quick flight to Gatwick, where we caught the Gatwick Express to the Waterloo station. At Waterloo, we boarded a Eurostar train that took us across the English Channel via the chunnel to Paris Gare du Nord station. Just a little light travel on a Friday morning.

We took a few moments to study the metro system in Paris, which isn't nearly as simple as London. We located the Pantheon without too much difficulty, which was very near the hotel, even closer than we had guessed originally.

The Hotel du Pantheon, as it would turn out, proved to be a fairly ideal location, as it was always easy to locate the Pantheoen when walking about or on a map, and the metro wasn't too far away, as well.

There was a nice little Italian restaurant around the corner where we grabbed some margaretta pizza and Nastro Azurro, both of whcih were outstanding. We then walked around Paris for a bit, getting a first glimpse of the city before closing out this adventuresome day.


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