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Day Four - The Emerald Isle

After breakfast in the hotel, we packed up and tubed it to the Victoria Station, where we took the Gatwick Express to, well . . . Gatwick. It was a quick trip, about 30 minutes in all, and we were greeted at the airport by a vendor offering free shots of Pimms. Now that's my kind of place! Gatwick itself was a very lively airport with many shops and restaurants and such.

Approaching Dublin
The River Liffey at Night
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Temple Bar at Night
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After a brief rain delay and we were aboard a Ryanair flight on our way to Dublin Airport. The flight was very smooth and fairly quick, and the view of the coast of Ireland and the clouds on approach was truely remarkable.

Getting into the city by bus was very easy and before long we were at the Morrison Hotel, a very stylish and sleek hotel, that far exceeded our expectations for the price. I could not recommend it enough for a stay in Dublin.

After unpacking, we crossed over the River Liffey into the Temple Bar area, seeking a place for an early dinner. Before long we came upon the Purty Kitchen, which suited our needs perfectly. Over some fantastic prawn fajitas and a few pints of Paulaner Hefeweissbier, we struck up a conversation with a gentleman over from England, who was in town to administer English language exams to students from all over the world. It was interesting to gain his perspective of London and Dublin and we enjoyed the food and drink and conversation quite a bit.

Farrington's Pub was our choice for evening entertainment, which featured a musician named Ronan Quigley, who played a very wide variety of music --everything from U2 to Gloria Gaynor, with some old Irish folk songs mixed in. He was quite good and we enjoyed the music while downing a few pints of Guinness' newest Brewhouse Series edition brew North Star. Well, more so me than Fai.

Great food, good music, and quality beer. It was the perfect introduction to Dublin.

Day Five

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