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Day Six - Newcastle Rothbury

I decided at the last moment to change things up a bit this day and find a lower-key destination, away from the city a bit. Instead of Newcastle, I came to small town just outside Morpeth. It’s a beautiful area with lots of different colors and some attractive mountains in the horizon.

Rothbury, UK
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After touring the town a bit, I settled into the Queenshead Pub for dinner, football, and a bit of Wi-Fi. It’s a very local pub where many patrons bring their dogs along, who then lie about on the floor and clearly have been here often enough to be exceedingly comfortable. The pace of travel thus far left me appreciative of a nice, quiet evening, with a few pints, a lineup of football games, and some very good food thrown in.

I changed pubs after the first game, moving over to the Newcastle Hotel, and I found many of the same people who were at the first one. That was fairly amusing. It’s a two-pub town’s version of a pub crawl.

The people of Rothbury are very nice and I struck up conversations with many of them as we followee the football games and sipped some pints. They were very interested to know where I was from and why I was here. We talked a lot of football, but horse racing seemed to be of particular interest to the locals. They watched race after race and wagered on most. It was a very enjoyable evening.


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