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Day Three - The Galapagos Vision

I took advantage of the excellent breakfast provided by Hotel Casablanca, which turned out to be a great place to stay, and then waited to board the Galapagos Vision at Noon at the docks just in front of the hotel. I would be joined by a Austrian couple, two Australians, my roommate, Nimrod, from Israel, two girls from Japan and one from South Korea. We were greeted by our guide, Yazmany, and the panga driver, Karlitos, both great guys.

The rooms were very tight and we couldn't fit both out bags in them and still move around, so I put mine at the foot of my bed, which was a little annoying, but I could work around it well enough. That was my tradeoff for getting the bunk closest to both the door and bathroom.

The Galapagos Vision
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Insect Repellent
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Sea Lion at La Loberia
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After settling in, we gathered on deck for our first meal and got to know each other a bit. Food on the Vision would be a highlight all trip. We had meals both plentiful and often, with more than I could usually eat and a lot of variety. The seafood was outstanding.

Yazmany with the Briefing
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Our afternoon excursion was back to La Loberia for more snorkeling. It was the rest of the group's first visit to the beach. This time, we got to take taxies, which saved a lot of walking time. We spent a lot more time swimming with the sea lions and enjoying the clear water for snorkeling. I learned that sea lions coat themselves in sand as they lie on the beach, acting as a natural insect repellent to help fend off horseflies, which were plentiful. I would be bitten by many over the next 8 days.

There were many Galapagos Mockingbirds at the beach and they tend to be big moochers, hanging around, hoping for water or food. It's against the rules to feed any animals in the Galapagos, but that doesn't slow the Mockingbirds down at all. They would hang out wherever people were, hopping all over us and looking wantingly.

Shortly after dinner each night, Yazmany would give us a rundown of the next day's activities, explaining what we would definitely see, hope to see, and what we would need as far as footwear, etc. With our first briefing complete, some of us hit the town for some drinking. Yazmany suggested we buy a bottle of tequila, which we did, and five of us split it, leading to a lively and entertaining evening. We played some pool and there was some dancing involved, as far as I can remember. It was the perfect bonding experience to kick off the trip.


Day Four

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