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Day One - Arriving in Cusco

Three flights over 18 hours and I was finally in Cusco. However, I was alone. As in my checked bag did not make it out of Lima. I filled out some forms and was assured I'd have it later that night or first thing in the morning.

Cusco is in the Southern part of Peru and it sits at an altitude of just over 11,000 feet (3,400 meters). It was the capital of the Incan Empire from 1200 to 1532, when the Spanish invasion took place.

Plaza de Aramas
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Church of la Compa??a de Jesus
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Cusco Streets
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Cusco is a busy, vibrant city, with a lot of activity on the streets. There are more cars than can fit the roads and a constant beeping of horns occurs throughout the day. You often have to dodge people and the many, many feral dogs on the sidewalks and streets, as you make your way around.

I stayed at Los Aticos Hotel, which was a short taxi ride from the airport and located just a couple blocks from Plaza de Armas, the main plaza in Cusco. After checking in, I experienced the first of many fine meals in the city. The rest of the day I explored the area and took in a few beverages, enjoying the people and atmosphere of the region.


Day Two

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