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Day Two - Inca Trail Meeting

Before heading out for breakfast, I checked with the front desk and there was still no sign of my bag. I had them call the airport and learned it was going to be further delayed.

November is part of Cusco's rainy season and it would rain quite a lot on this second day. This limited exploration somewhat, but I was able to take advantage in the weather breaks and look around some more.

Plaza de Aramas
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Busy Cusco Streets
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Cusco From Above
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The food and restaurant service in Cusco is top notch. For lunch, I had a fantastic crawfish brochette at a place called Paititi, just off the plaza. The local beer is Cusqueña, which I was becoming quickly fond of.

The altitude is noticable and you become short of breath more quickly, particularly when climbing up hill. But I was fortunate not to experience any form of altitude sickness. I did buy some coca leaves and coca candy to help prevent such an occurance.

There was a meeting scheduled this evening at the Llama Path office to go over the details of the hike and meet the other hikers. Our group would be small, consisting of Henrick and Marie, a couple from Denmark, and Ahmed, from Toronto, along with myself. They gave a loose overview of each day and some tips on what to bring and what not to bring. We were given some drawstring bags to put our things in to be carried by the porters and we planned our meeting spot for the early morning start.

Upon returning, I discovered that my bag finally arrived and I was able to pack for the hike. I enjoyed some more excellent food and beverages at Tupananchis, which would become one of my favorites stops in Cusco.


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