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Day One - Arrival in Costa Rica

San Jose

Streets of San Jose

It was a full day of travel, from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then onward to Alajuela, Costa Rica. Two hours and 30 minutes for each leg and a good wait between them. I eventually arrived at Juan Santamaria Airport to find a fairly long line for immigration control. It moved somewhat quickly, however, and before long I was seeking a taxi to get to my hotel. For $10 US, I was quickly and haphazardly on my way to the Country Inns & Suites.

The hotel was OK enough. I wouldn't be there long. After checking in and checking things out a bit, I decided to pay San Jose a visit. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, as well as its largest city, and is located near the center of the country.

San Jose by day isn't particularly appealing. It sort of reminds me of Canal Street in New Orleans, with lots of run-down stores, many various street vendors, and loads of people milling about. I've heard the nightlife can be fairly dynamic as a contrast.

I wandered around for a good time and them stopped off for some shrimp and an Imperial at a place called "El Patio." Imperial is pretty decent beer and a nice initial discovery. It would soon become a steady traveling companion.

I visited a few other shops and bars and then took another wild taxi ride back to the hotel.

Day Two

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