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Day Six - Punta Leona

After checking out, I waited for my next ride to the Punta Leona resort. This driver was much, much safer and spoke very good English, so we were able to talk quite a bit for the long trip. He explained to me that the roads were intentionally left in poor condition by the hotel operators, so there was a time commitment involved in coming and going to the region. This would incline visitors to stay more that just one night or even just make a day trip out of it. There was a decent logic to this, I suppose.

A River Alligator
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On the way, we passed by a river that had several alligators in it, some quite large. I got out for a closer look spent some time watching them.

From there, it wasn't too much further to the resort, but once we reached the gate, it was another 20-minute drive deep into the rainforest before reaching reception. My room wasn't quite ready yet, so I sought a cool beverage. The temperature difference between the west coast and Monteverde was becoming very apparent as I was still dressed for the cool hills with long sleeves and pants. It had to be a 20 degree difference at least.

After finally checking in, I checked out the beach, which was pretty fantastic. I walked around the compound a bit, noting some sand volleyball courts, sand soccer, regular soccer, and some ping pong tables. There were also numerous pools and many different restaurants and bars.

Coconuts on the Beach
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Volleyball Courts
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Rocky Edge of the Beach
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Day Seven

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