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Day One - Arrival in Livingstone

Leaving Detroit at 9:50pm Thursday, a series of long layovers, delays and airport transfers followed, making for a long, tiring journey to Zambia. I finally reached my initial destination at the Zambezi Waterfront Lodge around 2:00pm CAT on Saturday, which is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time.

A quick look at my tent for the first two nights prompted me to upgrade to a riverside room, figuring a couple nights of good rest would go a long way before the volunteer project and safari.

Landing in Zambia
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View of Zambezi River
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Zambezi River at Sunset
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The evening comes early in Zambia, getting dark around 5:30pm or so, with the sun setting completely around 6:40pm. With that in mind, I decided to grab dinner and plan for some activities the following day, rather than try and rush out that night.

At this time, the currency in Zambia was the Kwacha and 5,000 Kwacha was roughly equal to $1 USD. I found the prices for food and beer to be quite cheap and enjoyed some Mosi beer while watching the sunset.


Day Two

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