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Day Thirteen - Jo'burg

Our only activity on this day would be a visit to the Shalati pre-school just outside of the lodge. While lacking in essential supplies, it was wealthy in comparison to those we visited in Zambia. Still, they could definitely use some help and are providing a great service to the community, where many children do not attend school at an early age, particularly before this program began. We spent a little time in the classroom and with the kids before loading up in the truck for the last time and heading to Johannesburg.

It was a very long drive, totaling about 8 hours with a couple stops thrown in, before we reached the city. Johannesburg, or Jo'burg, as it is most often referred to, is the largest city in South Africa. Other nicknames you'll hear for it much less frequently are Jozi, Joni, eGoli or Joeys.

The Truck & Group
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Shalati Pre-School
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Final Dinner at Tribes African Grill
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Our guide had arranged a final dinner for us at the Tribes African Grill in Jo'burg. It was a very nice place with good food and drink and we had a great time until the very end when the issue of the bill came up. It was clear a few people did not pay their share, so a few of us chipped in to cover it. Apparently, the scene got a bit ugly on the bus ride home. Thankfully, a smaller group of us stayed behind for a few more beers and missed all the fireworks. There were only a few other places nearby, so amusingly enough, I finished off my final night in Africa at a Hooters, which was just next door to the restaurant. We had a great time nonetheless and enjoyed many a fine beverage.

Day Fourteen

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