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Day Four - Devil's Pool

Happy 2013! It was New Year's Day, so we didn't have any projects for the day - somewhat unfortunate timing. With a full free day ahead, I investigated options and signed up for a swim in Devil's Pool.

At the edge of the Victoria Waterfall, a mass of rocks creates a kind of a barrier, allowing one to swim somewhat safely right at the edge of the falls. First, we took a boat to Livingstone Island. From there, we had to slowly wade across very slippery rocks, before eventually swimming against the current to reach some rocks just next to the pool. Unfortunately, my camera was much too large to be protected by the waterproof swim bags, so I was not able to capture any photos of the pool or my swim.

Once on the rocks next to the pool, you jump high into the air and land near the center of the pool, then allow the current to pull you to the rocks that prevent you from going over the edge. A guide is there to catch you, just in case. In my case, it was a good thing as the current was strong and I'm not certain I would have caught the right rock in time.

Livingstone Island
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Devil's Pool
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Lunch on Livingstone Island
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We enjoyed the view and the force of the water pushing us toward the edge, before reversing course. It was even more difficult to swim on the way back, as the water is carrying you toward the edge as you try and reach land. It was a lot of work, but we made it and then enjoyed some lunch and beers on Livingstone Island.

Back at the volunteer house, we spent a quiet night watching some English Premier League matches on television and enjoying a few cocktails and conversation.


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