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Day Eight - Copenhagen

It was an early start to this day, driving first to Malmo to drop the car off, then catching a train over to Copenhagen. After a 35-minute ride on a very crowded train, I was in Denmark's capital city.

Hotel 27 turned out to be an excellent choice of hotels, with very modern decor, excellent rooms, and a complimentary early-evening dinner option. It was also in a good location for exploring the city.

I visited the Christiansborg Castle, which houses the Danish parliament, the Danish Prime Minister's Office, and the Danish Supreme Court. It is the only building in the world to contain all three of a nation's supreme powers; the executive power, the legislative power, and the judicial power.

Christiansborg Castle
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Dragon Fountain in Town Hall Square
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Town Hall Square
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After walking around the city for a while, I stopped off for some fish cakes and Carlsberg at Atlas Bar. Very good. Later, I found the Old English Pub, a lively traditional English pub which features a 200 year old Brunswick bar. Some of the locals quickly adopted me and before long people were buying me shots of Gammel Dansk, which translates to "Old Danish." It has a distinctive bitter-sweet taste and dark brown color, resembling that of a medicine. It actually began as a medicine of sorts for various ailments, likely more of an excuse to drink it than an actual remedy.



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