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Day Eleven - Long Train Ride to Stockholm & The Confederation Cup

It was a long day of travel as I left Copenhagen for Stockholm, nearly a six-hour ride. I had a 1st Class seat with a table, which was nice, but also meant there was often someone sitting right in front of me, depending on their journey length. Some would be happy to chat and others not so much. It all worked out well as I slept and read and even ran into to some Swedes I had met at Old English Pub.

Arriving in Stockholm, finally, I had one thing on my mind. I needed to find my hotel quickly and get to a bar to watch the Confederation Cup final. Frey's Hotel was just around the corner from the train station, so I lucked out there. It was also a very nice hotel. I would recommend it for a stay in Stockholm, for certain.

After checking in, I was practically running down the street toward a sports bar the receptionist had pointed me to. Before I got quite that far, I noticed a little bar along the way with a couple big-screen TV's and I could see the match from the street. I had only missed about six minutes. The US scored and then scored again and I was having a grand time with a couple of the locals. It was short-lived, however. Three unanswered goals by Brazil and the US was defeated. I finished the night and my little taste of Scandinavia with a few more pints and the next day I was heading back to the US. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip.



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