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Day Three - The Archipelago

The closest thing I could find to an Internet cafe in Stockholm is the 7-Eleven stores, which are everywhere, pretty much. That in itself was a bit of a surprise to me. I found one and did some research on boat trips out to the Archipelago. Being Midsummer's Day, though, meant many of the longer trips out to the very edge were not running. I settled on a trip to Grinda, and set off to the boatyard.

The Island of Grinda (Circled in Red)

It was a nice, scenic ride out through the archipelago, with many small islands, lighthouses, bathhouses, and cabins to see. There are 24,000 islands and islets that make up the archipelago, many just a few feet wide. Grinda itself was geared more for families with a lot of activities for children. There were also a lot of campers and and hikers all over the island. I walked from one end to the next, stopping for lunch, and then sought a boat for a return trip. I was disappointed I couldn't go further out, but it was a decent outing overall.

Lighthouse on a Small Island
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Vaxholm Castle
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Swedish Bathhouse
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Arriving back in Stockholm, I returned to Gamla Stan for dinner and some pub-hopping and enjoyed my last night in Stockholm.


Day Four

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