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Day Five - Oslo Bound

I was back on the road, heading west toward Oslo. My first fuel stop was a bit of a reminder how fortunate we are in the States. The tab for three-quarters of a tank of fuel came to nearly $75 US. Yikes.

Approaching Norway, I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn't what I found. I had my Passport ready and hotel information, just in case I was asked. Instead, there was a sign that read "If you have nothing to declare, proceed on through." Just like that, I was in Norway.

Oslo, founded in 1048, is the capital and largest city in Norway. In 1624, a large fire destroyed much of the city. King Christian IV rebuilt the city and renamed it Christiania. How's that for originality? It remained as such until 1925, when the name was restored to Oslo.

Oslo is a difficult city to navigate, at least for me. It has many twisting and turning roads that don't always meet up with each other. I got lost a few times and this would be a common theme throughout my stay. I eventually found my hotel, checked in, and then went for a look around town.

National Theater
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Norwegian Parliament
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Lion Outside Parliament
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I visited the National Theater and Norwegian Parliament and then sought out dinner, which I found at an excellent Cajun restaurant appropriately named New Orleans. The red fish was fantastic and authentic. I also tried a local brew, Ringnes.


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