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Day Eight - Flying to Cairns

The Cairns Welcoming Committee
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The Relentless Flying Foxes
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I had a little time for breakfast and some last-minute exploring before catching a flight up to Cairns. As you approach the city, the view of the ocean and reefs just below is incredible. I wish I would have kept my camera nearby. It's quite a site from the air.

Cairns is a smaller city with a downtown you can easily get around in by foot. I found my hotel, the Discovery Resort, which was a bit of a disappointment for a place to stay, my first this trip. Fortunately, I'd only be there one night.

Walking around the city center, I came upon a place called the Bull Bar, where I stopped for a beer and tried the prawn chili, which was quite spicy and good -- almost like a creole dish.

I was seated outside and I noticed a very loud screeching noise that was getting louder by the minute. I stepped out to look around and hundreds of the flying fox bats were gathering in the trees. It was an impressive sight and the sound was equally noteworthy.

I finished the night at P.J. O'Brien's, an Irish Pub and sports bar, where I met up with a couple girls from Sweden, who had been staying in Cairns for a couple months. They gave me lots of tips and ideas for traveling in Sweden, something I had been planning to do very soon.


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