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Day Ten - Rough Waters and a Dancing Fool

The meals on the Santa Maria were excellent and plentiful. I doubt I've ever eaten so much in a two-day period. Breakfast this day was no exception. We were served an assortment of fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola, salmon and eggs. I was offered some vegemite for my bread and I figured since I was in Oz, I should give it a go. It was the most awful thing I've tasted in quite a while, if not forever. I was told the people of Australia can become sort of addicted to it. I'm confident I'm at no such risk.

We snorkeled as a group for a good while and then Amanda and I were called in for another dive. It was another incredible experience. We saw some giant clams, dog-faced puffers, and loads of clown fish, including some purple ones.

After lunch, the crew recruited me to help hoist the sails. It's quite a bit of work, which was being hastened by an oncoming storm. The high winds provided good sailing speed and I was enjoying bouncing around the rough waters. The waves were getting bigger and bigger and it was highly entertaining for me. Not so much for Amanda, who kept telling me we were going to tip over and poor Jessica, who was having a rough go with the seasickness. After 4 hours on the rough waters, we were back at the docks and saying our goodbyes.

I found a decent hotel and took a much needed shower. I found some excellent prawn fajitas at a well-hidden place call Fiesta Cantina, though the margarita was quite disappointing.

Back on the boat, Amanda and I had discussed possibly meeting up later at PJ's. It was getting to be about that time, so I walked over, and sure enough, she was sitting at a table. We enjoyed several pints and talked about travel, hockey, life and such. She was very interesting and had visited so many unique places. She also had quite a flair for storytelling.

We left PJ's and ended up at a place called The Wool Shed. It was sort of a cheesy college/tourist type bar, with all sorts of bad dance music. It seemed the thing to do was to dance on the table-tops and sure enough, Amanda hopped right up and signaled for me to join her. I obliged and we enjoyed being the dancing fools for the rest of the evening.


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