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Day Three - Heading North and Port Macquarie

After breakfast and check-out, I began the drive north along the Pacific Highway, which connects Sydney to Brisbane. Along the way, there are many visitor detours you can take for interesting sights and attractions. I took my time and enjoyed the scenic drive and visited many of the attractions.

Australia is full of roundabouts, which drive me a bit crazy. But there is no avoiding them; they're everywhere. So, despite there being one virtually every ten meters and them being left-sided, they aren't so bad. Plus, they're not nearly as complex as in other parts of the world.

Port Macquarie at Sunset
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Several hours passed and it was time to decide on a stopping point. I saw a sign for Port Macquarie and turned off at the next exit. I was lucky enough to find a fantastic studio near the beach, which included in-room laundry. The coast at sunset was pretty remarkable and I walked along the water for a while before seeking dinner.

Poco Loco was just up the hill from the ocean and the food was incredible. Some of the best and most unusual fajitas I've had. They don't serve drinks, but they encourage you to walk around the corner to the bottle shop and BYOB, which I most certainly did. I spoke with some of the locals and the wait staff and a great evening. It was a short stay in Port Macquarie, but it was quite enjoyable all around.


Day Four

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