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Day Twelve - Road Trippin'

The food continues to impress me as I began the day with salmon and eggs on toast with sautéed mushrooms at the Ten-Something bar. Absolutely fantastic.

With nothing else booked for this Sunday afternoon, I thought I'd take a stab at exploring the territory by car. I started the drive north up the coast, where the very windy road offers a fantastic view of the seaside, with white sand, green-blue water, and black rocks. It was somewhat overcast, however, making the view somewhat less impressive. There are a lot of tight corners, also, so you have to focus on oncoming traffic and narrow roads. There are many warnings about multiple auto accidents along this stretch to keep you alert.

I made my way west and then looped down to the Atherton Tablelands, an elevated plateau rich in wildlife and other items of interest. Unfortunately, by the time I reached the region, there was a steady rain falling, limiting my options. I also discovered the wetland area I was eager to see was closed?! How can a wetland be closed?

Somewhat defeated, I made the long drive back to Cairns and found a laundry facility. I was long overdue for a wash and this was proving to be the perfect day for it. After a couple loads, I wandered over to the Buckin' Mex for some seafood tacos up on the balcony, then eventually made my way back to the Wool Shed, where I met up with Amanda and a couple of her Brit friends for some drinks.

Amanda had an early tour planned, so she begged off to pack and sleep and I went to the Bar Blue where live bands often play. The band was very good, particularly a younger kid who sang and played guitar. I watched the last set before heading back to the hotel.


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