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Day Eleven - Skyrail, Kuranda, and the Scenic Train

A driver came to pick me up at 10am, and unlike most drivers I've encountered, this one was very informative about the Cairns area and history. It was an enjoyable ride. We made our way to the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, a 4.7-mile-long cableway that carries you high above the rainforest. I paired up with Lilly, from Taiwan, and we boarded a gondola cabin and enjoyed the spectacular view, stopping every so often for a closer look at the rainforest or waterfalls..

The Skyrail
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Aerial View of Mountains and Sea
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Kuranda Rainforest
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At the very end of the Skyrail there lies Kuranda Village, which is a bit of a tourist trap, with many shops and exhibits, happy to devoid you of some cash. We walked around for a while, sampling some mango wine and other local products and then explored the rainforest a little more.

To get back to Cairns, we boarded the Kuranda Scenic Railway, an old-fashioned train that winds through the rainforest for a 105 minute ride back to town. Once again we made several stops for lookout points and items of interest. The train's final stop was the Cairns train station, which was only a few blocks from the city center.

Scenic Railway
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Barron Falls
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Inside the Train
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I finished the evening back at PJ's, watching some Australian League soccer with some guys from Melbourne and then I met up with Lilly at the Wool Shed for a few drinks.


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