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Day Five - Boogie Boarding and the Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron at Sunrise
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Byron Bay Surfer
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Cape Byron Lighthouse
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Byron Bay at sunrise is very quiet and peaceful. Not many are up and about so early after a night of heavy partying. I walked along the beach and noticed a lone swimmer enjoying having the ocean to herself. I wondered if she knew this is when sharks generally feed.

I went back for fantastic tomato, basil, and feta omelette and then perused the shops around town for a while until I was convinced all the sharks were finished with breakfast. Walking back down to the beach, I rented a boogie board and spent the afternoon out on the waves. The water was very warm and clear and I stayed out a bit too long and would pay for it later.

I watched Man U play another match over lunch and met some more Irishmen following the game at the pub. The Reds were once again victorious and I left a happy crowd.

Having been told there was a nice view up at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, so I decided to make the trek, and what a trek it was. I walked and walked and it didn't seem to be getting any closer. After a short time, I met up with Lucy, from Korea, and she was also seeking the lighthouse. We sort of helped each other figure out the right paths to take and eventually we came upon Australia's most powerful lighthouse, which sits on the most easterly tip of the country. The view was quite nice and we enjoyed it for about ten minutes before a huge downpour came out of nowhere. We took shelter for a time, but it was not letting up. I figured I may as well just walk back. I was totally drenched by the time I hit the hotel and in big need of a shower.

I enjoyed a prawn salad the Balcony Bar and met up with some girls visiting from, Melbourne. We watched a band play that was pretty decent and had a good night dancing and drinking.


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