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Day Six - The Grey Coast and Brisbane

The relatively short drive from Byron Bay to Brisbane takes you right through the Gold Coast, which I had planned to spend at least a day exploring. On this day, however, it was instead the Grey Coast, as a continuous drizzle fell throughout the day. I looked around a bit, but there was really no point in staying as the Gold Coast is all about the beaches and beach life. Instead, I continued to make my way north, stopping at The Lighthouse Restaurant for an excellent Greek salad and mocha.

I drove into Brisbane and began looking for a parking place. For a new visitor, the roads can be a bit confusing and by the time I found a parking space I was in Chinatown. I rang my friend Karla, who, along with her family lived a for a time in Michigan, and we decided to meet for an early dinner.

Karla took me to the Breakfast Creek Hotel, known locally as just Brekkie Creek. It has been a Brisbane tradition since 1889 and has grown to become one of the city’s fondest landmarks. We had some delicious barramunda, a popular Australian fish, and a cold beer, as Karla helped me develop a plan for my Brisbane stay.

I checked into the Manor Apartment Hotel, which was nice enough and in a great location, then explored downtown Brisbane for a while before going back to meet up with Karla and Kieran.

Overlooking Story Bridge
Jade Buddha with Karla and XXXX
Karla and Kieran

They took me to Jade Buddha, an Asian-themed restaurant/bar overlooking the Brisbane River and Story Bridge. We enjoyed some drinks, including XXXX, with appetizers and took in the fantastic view. Kieran was kind enough to try and explain Cricket to me, which I think I sort of understand -- at least a little. It's a bloody odd game.

Belgian Beer Cafe Brussels

Next, we walked over to the Belgian Beer Cafe Brussels for some giant Belgian brews. I tried a Leffe first, which was pretty good. After that I went back to my old standby, Hoegaarden. It was a really fun night and it was great seeing Karla and Kieran again.


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