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Day Fourteen - Back to Sydney

One thing that really stands out to me and as American is the difference in airport security in Australia. I was able to be seated in each of my flights without showing any form of ID. You also need much less time for lines and security than in US. It's a nice experience overall. Another difference is most of the flights you board outside, using portable stairways.

The flight itself was rather uneventful and after about 2.5 hours I was back in Sydney and on my way to the Metro Hotel. I called my friend Santo, who I knew from Ann Arbor, and we made arrangements to meet up later for dinner. I went for a quick lunch at the 3 Wise Monkeys Pub, then back for a much needed nap.

Santo came to pick me up and within a couple minutes I was at his and Walter's home, where I met their son, Ethan. We had Barramundi for dinner and caught up on old times. After dinner, we played a game of Rhino Rampage with Ethan and then talked for a while. It was great catching up with my old friends.

I stopped by 3 Wise Monkeys again and listened to the live band du jour. I cannot recall the name of the group, but they were excellent and played a wide variety of music. The female lead-singer and drummer were particularly good.


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